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Do you know where you are?

You've got a junk drawer, right? This is mine! Like your junk drawer, it's not really "junk." It's just stuff that has no place. Most of my junk is essays. Pictures too but mostly essays.

For example, I belong to a Rotary Club and since I'm the Sergeant at Arms, I have the opportunity to stand up every week and say a few words. I like history so that turned into either "Peter's Take on History" or "Peter Takes on History." Up to you.

Giving those little speeches gave me something in return; the confidence to stand up on stage. Here in Milwaukee there's a not-for-profit called Ex Fabula; Latin for "from stories." With the goal of building community, Ex Fabula offers folks the opportunity to be heard; to get up in front of an audience and tell a story. It has to be a true, personal story less than five minutes long. No notes. No props. Just you, a mic and an appreciative audience. My stories tend to be the kind you might tell a friend over a beer. So, "Over a beer."

Years ago I shot news, then documentaries, then corporate videos for a living. Old dog, old tricks. I post pictures I like on my page called "Snaps." Enjoy them, steal them, use them, I don't care. I just like taking pictures. BTW, you will own no copyright and there are no model releases so, good luck with that.

Then there's "Walkabout." No idea what I'll post there. I love to cook, so maybe some recipes. Maybe artwork. I've been thinking about selling some t-shirts. We'll see. Too soon to tell. 

I didn't always think I needed to post this junk but my dad always enjoyed the history stories and kept after me. "You should publish these!" Of course, my dad, right? He's going to like my writing. Well, I managed to get a rough website put together before he passed away. Now, I'm doing it more for me. Anyway, welcome. Look around. Read, watch, waste some time. Share stuff if you like it. That'd make me happy. Maybe Dad too.

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