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Peter Takes On History

I started writing these little history essays for the amusement of the members of my Rotary Club. The stories were usually tied to what happened on "This Day in History"and often involved an irreverent, clear-eyed take on common topics. The members seemed to like them and over the years I've written many, many stories so, rather than allow them to rest in the dark corners of my cloud, I put them to work here. 

Featured stories

July 19, 1910

Batting zero!

What does the man who patented the San Francisco Cable Cars have to do with the invention of baseball?

September 1, 1985

Bobby Fischer Had All The Moves

The youngest ever U.S. Chess Champion was an angry young man

August 18, 1920

Don't Call Them Suffragettes!

With the skills sharpened in the Abolition Movement these bad ass women led the fight

January 19, 1953

Ever heard of Lucy and Ricky's TV Son Keith

First she marries a foreigner and then has the audacity to portray the vulgarity of pregnancy in prime time!

June 16, 1884

Fun with Gravity!

Hot Dogs, Custard and Premies?

June 10, 2013

Growing Old, Then Old AF!

Ah, to be an immortal ... jellyfish. Wait, what?

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